2012 Members Pre-Season Test Released

The 2012 Pre-Season EMAIFO Member’s test has been released.

Here are the 2012 Exam and Answer Sheet.

It is due by September 6. We will review it on September 13. While grades are not counted, you must pass the exam in. Per the bylaws, any member who does not pass in their exam will be suspended.

The Excel answer sheet must be used. If you do not have Excel, please ask a friend, neighbor, colleague, family member, etc. to help. You can save both the exam and the answer sheet on your computer. Answers are to be entered into the answer sheet and then re-saved on your computer (it is recommended to include your name in the file name when saving your answers). Email them to the Secretary as an attachment.

Please e-mail the Secretary with any questions.

**Important EMAIFO E-Mails**