2013 Members Pre-Season Test Released

The 2013 Pre-Season EMAIFO Member’s test has been released.

Here are the 2013 Exam and Answer Sheet.

It is due by September 5. We will review it on September 12. While grades are not counted, you must pass the exam in. The purpose of this test is to get us all back into the rule book in preparation for the upcoming 2013 season.

It is preferable to use the Excel answer sheet. However, if you do not have Excel, you can send your answers via email in any format, including typing them into the e-mail itself. Please be sure to list your name, question numbers and answers clearly if not using Excel. Email all test answers to the Secretary (secretary at emaifo dot net, you can supply the at symbol and period so we can avoid getting spam!). The Secretary will also accept completed hard copies of the test on/before the September 5th meeting.

Please e-mail the Secretary with any questions.

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