2011 MIAA/NCAA Football Rules

2011 Rules Changes & Notes

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2011 NCAA Rule Book – Several Rules have been rewritten and/or reorganized, see pages FR6 and FR7 for the changes. MIAA adopted ALL 2011 changes.

2011 Rules Changes Brief Overview – This is a document I put together for a couple of coaches and thought I’d post it here as well. (8/30/2011)

2011 Rules Changes – This is report from the NCAA with changes and explanations (Note: There are hundreds of changes to the book, all the changes are not explained in this document, there are several editorial changes that act as rule changes, those are presented in the slide presentation below)

2011 Rules Changes Presentation – This is a slide presentation of the changes, this attempts to present all the changes in the book, both Rules and Editorial changes. This is the PowerPoint presentation given at the June meeting but without the video.

2011 MIAA Football Rules – Only Rules 69.1-3 Apply to officiating

Memo to MIAA Football Officials (2011 Rules Changes, Note: MIAA adopted all 2011 changes)

Coach’s Certification Card (for Rule 1-4-9, suitable for printing)


Official Interpretations from the Rogers Redding, Secretary Editor of NCAA Rules and Head of CFO

Rule & AR Changes After Book was Printed:

***9-1-6-Exception 2-c – Blocking Below the Waist by Defensive Players – This is a rule change from the printed Book (6/23/2011)

***Blocking Below the Waist AR’s 9-1-6-IV & 9-1-6-V (7/12/2011)

Interpretations to the Rules:

Adjacent Sideline (6/17/2011)

Airborne Runner, Sideline (6/17/2011)

10 Second Subtraction Situations (8/8/2011)


2011 Bulletin #1 (8/15/2011)

2011 Bulletin #2 (9/26/2011)


The following documents are notes by Rogers Redding, Secretary Editor of NCAA Rules and Head of CFO. These Notes have been coming out periodically during the Spring and as new notes are written, they will be posted here. Continue to check this page for new notes.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fouls (3/29/2011)

Blocking Below the Waist (3/16/2011)

Offensive exceptions (diagram)  

10 Second Runoff (3/22/2011)

Blocking Out of Bounds & Blocking on Field Goals (3/15/2011)

New False Start (3/30/2011)

Intentional Grounding & Goalline Plane (4/7/2011)

Too Many Players on the Field & Ball Carrier’s Helmet (4/12/2011)

Equipment Changes – Note: MIAA already removed restriction for gray gloves (5/2/2011)

Illegal Batting, Illegally Kicking the Ball, DQ’d Player & Game Management (5/6/2011)

Studying the Rules (5/19/2011)

Tackle Box Further Description (with respect to Blocking Below the Waist (7/27/2011)


10 Second Runoff Mechanics (4/26/2011)

Preventative Officiating and Unsportsmanlike Conduct Mechanics (5/4/2011)

Substitution Rule Mechanics (6/17/2011)

Intentional Grounding Guidelines and Mechanics (7/13/2011)