2014 MIAA/NCAA Football Rules

The following documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. To save files to your computer, right click on the links and select “Save Target as…” in Internet Explorer, or “Save Link as …” in Firefox.


2014 NCAA Rule Book – This is a COMPLETE 2014 NCAA Football Rules edited with rules changes and editorial changes highlighted.  ** To print the book as intended print page 1 and page 216 on their own sheet of paper, then print pages 2 through 215 two-sided **

2014 Memo to MIAA Football Officials – 2014 Rules Changes, Note: MIAA adopted all 2014 changes, although those involving Replay do not apply to MIAA games.

2014 Rules Changes Presentation (PDF) – This is a slide presentation of the changes. This is the PowerPoint presentation given at the June meeting.


EMAIFO/CCFOA 5-Man Mechanics – This is OUR 5-Man Mechanics Manual.


2014 MIAA Football Rules – Only Rules 69.1-3 Apply to officiating.  It is suggested that you print this document and place it in your rulebook.

2014 MIAA Football Playoff Format – This document is the Playoff format, all qualifications, rules, etc. regarding the Football Playoffs is in this document.


These are files posted by CFO to Clarify rules and give specific situations where rules apply.

2014 NCAA Bulletin #1 – August 13, 2014

Play Situations:
Play Situations – Editorial Changes
Play Situations – Low Hits on Passer
Play Situations – Players Inbounds and Out of Bounds
Play Situations – Targeting


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