Dues Info & Payment

2019 DUES

Payable to the Treasurer by May 1, 2019, either by check sent to his house or via PayPal below

Regular Members ($91)
30-Year Members ($45.50)
Clock Operators ($68)
Inactive ($45.50)

Any member who has not paid his dues by May 1, 2019 shall be subject to a $15 (fifteen dollar) fine. Any member who has not paid dues by June 1, 2019 shall be suspended from membership. Application for reinstatement must be accompanied by a reinstatement fee of $25 (twenty-five dollars) in addition to the annual dues and any fines accrued. Said application for reinstatement must be made within 30 (thirty) days after the member has been notified that he has been suspended. Application for reinstatement after such time must be done in accordance with the policies and regulations for new members.

Make a Payment

Members may elect to make their dues payment via Credit Card or their checking account with PayPal using the “Pay Now” button below. Members should select their member status on the drop down menu above the button, then click the “Pay Now” button. You will be re-directed to the PayPal website where you may make a secure payment to the association.

Please note: due to the fees associated with the acceptance of electronic payments, these additional fees have been included in the online payment so they are $3-$4 higher than the actual dues so that the association will collect the amounts listed above.

Membership Dues