2012 MIAA/NCAA Football Rules

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**NEW** 2012-2013 NCAA Rule Book – This is a COMPLETELY edited version of the Rulebook with the 2012 changes and corrections. They are not printing books with this text, but have given us a complete .pdf for reference. MIAA adopted ALL 2012 changes except the change to touchbacks on kickoffs.

2012 Memo to MIAA Football Officials (2012 Rules Changes, Note: MIAA adopted all 2012 changes except the change to the touchback on kickoffs)

2012 NCAA Rules Addendum – This document gives you the updated sections in the 2011-12 Rule Book.

2012 Rules Changes Presentation – This is a slide presentation of the changes. This is the PowerPoint presentation given at the June meeting. See the Video below.

2012 MIAA Football Rules – Only Rules 69.1-3 Apply to officiating (This link will be live after the MIAA Handbook is updated – See the 2011 page for last year’s version)

Coach’s Certification Card (for Rule 1-4-9, suitable for printing)


2012 Rule Changes Video – Some video reflecting new rules.

Click here if you can’t see the video in your browser