2016 MIAA/NCAA Football Rules

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2016 NCAA Rule Book – This is a COMPLETE 2016 NCAA Football Rules edited with rules changes and editorial changes highlighted.  This PDF includes the MIAA Football rules on pages 3-6.  ** The PDF is already set up to print correctly in two-sided printing **

2016 Memo to MIAA Football Officials – 2016 Rules Changes, Note: MIAA adopted all 2016 changes, although those involving Replay do not apply to MIAA games.

2016 Rules Changes Presentation (PDF) – This is a slide presentation of the changes. This is the PowerPoint presentation given at the June meeting.


EMAIFO/CCFOA 5-Man Mechanics – This is OUR 5-Man Mechanics Manual.

Meeting Information (documents)

2016-09-08 – Rule 3 Presentation – Dennis Donovan     KEY


2016 MIAA Fall Game Officials Newsletter.

2016 MIAA Football Playoff Format – This document is the Playoff format, all qualifications, rules, etc. regarding the Football Playoffs is in this document.


These are files posted by CFO to Clarify rules and give specific situations where rules apply.

2016 NCAA Bulletin #1 – August 26, 2016 – Of particular note is Ruling #4: If the game is tied in the last two minutes and a fouls is committed that stops the clock, then the team who committed the foul is considered to be ahead in the score and the offended team has the option to start the clock on the snap (Rule 3-4-3).  Disregard Ruling #11.  Rulings #13 and #14 – MIAA Rules will supersede these with respect to additional suspended games.

2016 New Approved Rulings
2016 Interpretations – Three interpretations: 1. Sliding Ball carrier, ball placement; 2. Ineligible receiver downfield; and 3. Player Eligible to legally ground a forward pass.
2016 Blocking Below the Waist – FAQ


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2016 CFO Training Video 2 Blocking Below the Waist


2016 CFO Training Video 3 Offensive Pass Interference


2016 CFO Training Video 4 Stretching and Physical Preparation


2016 CFO Training Video 5 Catch/No Catch