Members Test Due August 28, 2016

Members are reminded that the deadline for submitting answers to the annual test is Sunday August 28, 2016.  From our By-Laws, it is mandatory for all members to submit their answers to be members in good standing.

If you have not yet submitted your answers then click on the following links for the Test PDF and the Google Form to submit your answers.  Note: the Google Form includes the question text as well.

2016 Member’s Test PDF

Submit Your answers

If you have any difficulty with the Google Form, please notify the Webmaster or Secretary.

The following 88 members had submitted their answers as of August 28, 2016 at 2:00 pm. If your name is not on this list you need to submit your answers. This list will be updated periodically, but it will not immediately, dynamically update after you have submitted your answers, after you submit you will see an acknowledgement page to indicate that your answers have been received.

Anzalone, Steve
Armstrong, Scott
Arouca, Jack
Arouca, Kevin
Barnes, Tony
Barros, Alexander
Bettencourt, Chris
Blette, David
Bollus, Joseph
Bowman, James
Brack, Stephen
Brock, Jonathan
Burgess, Christopher
Burton, Raymond
Callinan, Devin
Callinan, Paul
Camara, Gregg
Cantell, Eric
Casey, Ryan
Cassford, Ron
Cerilli, John
Chapin, Tim
Conners, Michael
Corvelo, Al
Cotter, John
Cotter, Michael
Cotter, Patrick
Crossman, Fred Skip
Crossman, Nathan
Dacey, Charles
Daniels, Andrew
Dearden, Daniel
Dermody, Dan
Devine, William
Dimare, Ryan
Dodge, Randolph
Donovan, Dennis
Duffy, Moe
Farrell, Gene
Farrington, Bradford
Fata, Mike
Flannery, Thomas
Fredrickson, Bobby
Gaffney, Mike
Getchell, Mark
Goldman, Mike
Goslin, John
Graney, Frank
Gundlach, Todd
Hannon, Mike
Howell, Fred
Howell, Julie
Huska, Peter
Lafleur, Chris
Landers, Steve
Lang, Jeff
Logan, James
Magnarelli, John
Mahoney, Jon
Morrissey, Gerry
Murdoch, Scott
Naumann, Arthur
Newell, Paul
Newman, Rich
O”Loughlin, Bob
Olszewski, Scott
Pearlstein, Louis
Perkins, Shawn
Peters, Joe
Pumphret, Frank
Read, Dennis
Regan, Dennis
Regan, Jim
Ricci, Damien
Rourke, Jim
Sanborn, Dwight
Sargent, Ken
Scaccia, Angelo
Shaw, John
Silvia, Lloyd
Solomon, Joseph
Struzziero, Phil
Sullivan, John
Sundberg, Erick
Turley, Stephen
White, Kyle
Williams, Edward
Zych, Mark

MIAA Registration


All Members must register with the MIAA for the season so you will be eligible for both regular season and playoff assignments.

Note: Registration alone is $10, registration plus background check is $45.  If you completed a background check in 2015 it is good for 3 years and you will only have to pay the $10 registration fee.

Dear MIAA Game Officials,

Thank you for participating with our 225,000 student-athletes who competed in MIAA interscholastic sports.  Your collaboration with our member schools and leagues is valued.

Registration for the 2017-18 school year will open on July 1st.  All officials will once again complete this process through the MIAA ArbiterSports page found here: .

Information and instructions for both new and returning officials can be found on this main  page.

Your support and professionalism for this important initiative is appreciated.

Many thanks for your service,

Richard L. Pearson
Associate Director

MIAA Registration and Background Check Procedure

All officials should have gotten an email from the MIAA on or about June 12 with information regarding the new procedure for officials to register with the MIAA. Officiating boards will no longer be registering their members with the MIAA as a group.  This process will now be done by the individual officials through ArbiterSports.  The process includes the MIAA registration and Background Check.   The cost for a background check and to register in one sport will be $45; each additional sport registration will be $10.  You will continue to register with the MIAA personally each year, but you will only need to have a background check done every 3 years.

You may register beginning on June 15, 2015 and must register by July 31, 2015

Note: High School Assigners (Commissioners) have been instructed by their Leagues/Conferences to only use officials who have successfully completed the Background Check.  If you do not go through this procedure, you will not be able to officiate Middle or High School games at any level (Middle School, Freshman, JV or Varsity).

Step-by-Step Process:  (this should only take 10-15 minutes to complete)

  1. Click on this link:  MIAA Arbiter Page
  2. Sign in with your normal Arbiter Account, the same one you use when you get your games.
  3. Click the Registration Tab
  4. Click on all the sports you will officiate in High School during the 2015-2016 school year.
  5. Click Register.
  6. Welcome Page: Read the Welcome screen and click Next.
  7. Personal Information Page: If you signed in with your Arbiter account, your Personal Information should have been imported into the Personal Information Page.  Check to make sure all information is correct and Click Next.  Note: this is the only information that you have to provide for the background check, the rest of the process is to confirm that you consent to the background check and to make your payment.
  8. Photo Page: Upload a photo if you haven’t already done so.  I believe this is optional, if you haven’t got one, you can do it later under the My Account Tab when you’re logged in.  After you upload the photo or choose not to, Click Next.
  9. Chapter Selection Page:  Choose our chapter “Eastern Mass. – EMAIFO (Football)” and Click Next.
  10. Background Consent Page: Read the Consent information, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the consent text  and Select “I Agree” from the drop down list where it says “Please Select” (yellow filled box with red border)
  11. Then more text will be revealed when you select “I agree” from step 10, continue to read and scroll regarding the Disclosure of the Background Investigation.  At the bottom of this new test, you will need to select “Yes” from the drop down list where it says “Please Select” (again yellow filled box with red border).  Click Next.
  12. 2015 Payment Page: Make sure your billing information is correct, enter your credit card information below that and Click Make Payment. It will show up as “ProPay USA” on your statement.
  13. Print the Payment Confirmation for your records.  Click Finish.

You will now have a new Organization on your list, “MIAA State Office”, with you log in, the Central Hub account type means that it acts as a web site where information about the organization can be found.


Bill Leanues

It is with a heavy heart that we regret to inform you that Bill Leanues has passed away.

Bill had been battling cancer for some months and passed away on Thursday evening (May 15).

For many of us Bill was a friend, mentor and brother in the EMAIFO football officials fraternity.

He started officiating football in 1967 and never stopped.  He was full of energy and always hustling from one game and sport to the next. 

Bill worked football, baseball, soccer and basketball.

He rose through the ranks and became the assigning commissioner for the Old Colony,
Atlantic Coast, Patriot, South Shore, Mayflower and Cape Leagues. 

In that role he flourished and many of us owe him for his faith and trust in our ability to deliver outstanding officiating in a game we all love.

We respectfully request you refrain from contacting Susan Leanues until the family has completed the arrangements.

 When more information becomes available, it will be posted.